Friday, November 14, 2008

Thursday Overnight Adventure

So last night was our first overnighter with both girls. All in all it was a great night. Skylee had a bit of a cry (screaming session) during the evening and woke up every two hours to eat but she's so dang cute that neither one of us minded too much. Dailey was our entertainer for the evening. Somehow she found some Dora wrapping paper and wrapped herself up in it. The only catastrophe with her was that she fell out of bed in the night. Yikes, she was really upset, but after walking around holding her for a while, she fell back asleep and slept the rest of the night. It couldn't have been too bad on her because she didn't remember it this morning. I took a few pictures on my phone so they aren't wonderful but I thought I'd share them anyways.

Dailey loves to get up and go straight to the bathtub. Her hair is really crazy, but it's a cute picture. :)


Sabin Family said...

Cute stinkin kids! I'm glad you and Trav survived!

Becky ♥ said...

Gosh they are both soooo cute :) I'm glad you guys had a great time with them!