Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Crazy Weekend

We had a crazy weekend filled with family and friends. Friday night Becky and I started out going for dinner and ended up closing the town down. Saturday Becky and I hung out with Dailey and Skylee. Saturday night, Dailey was NOT letting me leave her house without her. So with no hesitation, she came and stayed the night. Poor Travis, three nights in the spare bed. He doesn't mind.

Could she sit any closer to him? Pretty cute. Fresh out of bed. :)

Sunday was Kylee's suprise 16th birthday party and she got a car! It was great fun to see her be so excited about her car. She had no clue that she was getting it. Dailey went to the party with us too, so she thought that she was pretty cool "driving" Kylee's car!
Sunday night Travis enjoyed taking Kylee for a drive to teach her how to drive a stick. She caught on pretty quickly.

When do I get car?

And there it is! It really is a great little car for her.

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Thompson Family said...

I love the pic of her and Travis, just too cute! So when is she getting her car?? She seems to be growing up that fast :-)