Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Auntie and Uncle -again!

The last few years of our married life have put things all into perspective for us. We have learned what is important in life - faith, family, good friends and most importantly, eachother. We've also learned not to sweat the small stuff.

Travis and I have been blessed with many important children in our lives. We like to say that they are "ours" but really they are our siblings children. We have three (as of yesterday!) nieces, three nephews and two little brothers. I wanted to share a photo of each of them so you will know who in the heck we're talking about - that will probably be the excitement of our "blogging".

Dailey and Skylee. Skylee was born just yesterday. Dailey will be 2 next month. She is Auntie's girl. Soon Skylee will be following in her footsteps.Here's Logan (my 9 year old brother).....He's the kid with all the heart in this bunch. He spends so much time caring for others. And he's hilarious too.

Poor Landon....My other brother. He broke his leg really bad a few weeks ago. As much as he hates (as we all do) having a broken leg, he loves being waited on. :)

Trey and Tanner....I'm guessing their mother had them hold the signs. They are two of our nephews that constantly have us laughing. Trey and Logan are in the same class this year (as they have always been) - poor teacher :) Kody the 6'2" (137 pound) freshman. He is the athlete of the bunch. Kody was even able to go to Japan to play baseball in August. Lucky kiddo!

And here's our beautiful niece Kylee. I'm not going to kid you - I got the picture off of her myspace. haha. She will be 16 in a week. I can't believe she's going to be driving.

And so my hubby and I don't get left out....Here we are!


Thompson Family said...

Welcome to the blogging world! Not that its new to you but fun to have your own. Congrats on becoming Auntie and Uncle again. What lucky kids to have you both.

Sabin Family said...

Those kids a SO lucky to have you and Trav as their Auntie and Uncle (and Big Sis and brother). Congrats on your new addition she is so beautiful!