Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bye Bye Blog

Well, I have no idea how to delete my blog.....So for now, I'm just going to leave it with a little ditty that often gets me through my crummy days. For those of you that know me, I usually don't have too many pitty parties. I am certainly not asking for one now. I'll blog again when I have something worth blogging about. But for now, bye bye.

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
Forever in the next.

--Reinhold Niebuhr

1 comment:

Rhodes Rules said...

Sorry to see you go. Everyone is entitled to a Pity Party now and again, and you don't need to ask for one. I hope that things get in-line as you would like and deserve very soon, and hope to see some new blog posts from you in the very near future.