Wednesday, May 13, 2009

For my wonderful Sister

On Mother's Day, my sister posted the most wonderful photos of the girls and I. Although it made me cry like a baby, that simple post made my whole day, week and probably my month :) I started to write some things that I love and couldn't stop....
I LOVE "my girls".

I love that they boss me around.

I love that we "talk".

I love that Dailey and I whisper things to eachother.

I love that tonight Skylee waved to me when I picked her up tonight.

I love that Dailey thanked me for chasing her beautiful artwork down the street when the wind blew it away.

I love that I had to drive Dailey to gymnastics aka "nastics" tonight.

When we got there I love that she wanted me to do "nastics" with her.

I love that I have to pull over and fix Skylee's bottle when it falls out of her mouth when we're driving.
I love that when Skylee sleeps on my chest when she stays the night.

I love all the little quirky things we do.

I love that Dailey loves coffee.

I love that she loves Uncle.

I love that we are simply "Auntie" and "Uncle"

I love Dora....And Sponge Bob.

I love them I love them I love them.

I love that my sister is such a wonderful mommy.

I love that she shares her babies with Auntie.

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Becky ♥ said...

Such a sweet post..and to go along with the theme, I LOVE how you all love eachother. You have such a special bond and I love that I get to see it. It is really something to be treasured. :)